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Do you plan to travel abroad? Rent a car in Budapest

Do you live around Budapest? Don’t you have a car? Would you like to travel abroad?

You will need to rent a car if you plan to travel abroad for several reasons. For example, you would like to go to a concert, see an exciting football or visit a friend of yours. Many rent a mini van when they travel abroad because it is more comfortable for more people.

This is a cost-effective and comfortable solution if a company of friends would like to travel abroad.

Do you want to travel abroad? Rent a car in Budapest with NO hidden costs.

Our company offers air-conditioned cars for travelling abroad so that you can get to your destination comfortably. 

Car Rental in Budapest for other country every day its possible, but only inside the Europe Union. Over the Union its not possible to rent.

We hope you understand that.

When you started to back to Hungary check the traffic please, case we have reservation every following days for our cars so if you delay, call us or send a mail about it. Its an uncomfortable situation in case the other clinet have to wait for the car.

When you going to go othe countris you can hire GPS for your car, but you need to sign in your reservation that. 

We ask every clients listen to the speed in foreign country because the govermant can send us the fine, and is very expensive.

 We wish a good holiday in Hungary or in Budapest if you renting a car for visit our lovely places.

 Renting a minivan seems to be a more practical solution in many aspects because this way you can share the travel costs and the price of the expensive plane tickets will not be added to the concert costs.

Rental conditions when you want to travel abroad:

We do not limit the movement of our cars within the borders of the European Union, you only have to pay attention to the daily kilometre limit which is 300 kilometres/day. The cost of additional kilometres is HUF 20/ kilometre.

Our company offers an assistance service within 700 (seven hundred) kilometres. Farther than 700 kilometres, you are kindly asked to make an Assistance plus insurance. Our colleague will inform you about this opportunity.

If you wish to rent a minivan for a ski travel then you are asked to tell our colleague whether you need a ski-box.

Before renting our car you will always have to inform us about your destination country.

Non-Hungarian citizens residing in Hungary can also rent a car from our company if they wish to travel abroad. To do so they will need their personal documents.

Our company reserves the right to determine a higher deposit for customers who come from outside of the European Union.

Renting a car for an abroad travel for maximum 5 (five) passengers

For maximum 5 (five) passengers, we recommend to rent a petrol engine car when travelling abroad

Bigger cars (7, 9 passengers) are equipped with a Diesel engine

If you wish to rent a smaller car for an abroad travel then you can only rent a petrol engine vehicle.

This is an important viewpoint when you would like to rent a car for an abroad journey because Diesel engine cars go wrong more frequently then the petrol engine ones.

 For abroad journeys we recommend cars with at least an engine of 1400 cm3.

We do not recommend smaller cars for abroad journey since in a given situation you might need to change lanes quickly in order to avoid a bump or even an accident. This way you should rent a stronger car.

Renting microbuses, minivans for abroad travels

Imagine how easy it is to rent minivan for an abroad journey if the car is taken to your home. You can take it over and you can give it back there. The most comfortable and easiest solution ever,

If you wish to rent a microbus then you should only think about a Diesel engine vehicle because it is more cost effective. Nobody would be happy if they had to spend most of their holiday money on fuel.

When you rent a microbus for an abroad travel it is a frequent mistake that the customers purchase a car motorway sticker instead of a minivan motorway sticker. This might result in a fine of even EUR 200 (two hundred). Parking and speeding tickets are usually sent to Hungary from other countries. In this way the authorities ask the car owner to indicate who used the vehicle in the given moment.

By attaching the rental contract the fine is forwarded to and will have to be paid by the renter.

Minivans with 7 and 9 (seven and nine) seats can be rented for abroad journeys. It can be an important viewpoint that by putting in all the 7 (seven) seats the area of the luggage hold is reduces so that you can put in less luggage.

Trailer usage

You may as well rent a trailer. This way you can remarkably increase the amount of luggage. Our company does not give trailers out into rent, however, you can rent a minivan equipped with a draw-hook.

Motoring offences and fines

We strongly ask you to pay attention to keep speed limits, furthermore, to pay parking fees and motorway stickers. The car owner is allowed to forward the fines to the renter so that she / he will have to pay them. On the spot fines are usually 20 (twenty) times more than the actual amount to be paid. Please, act thoughtfully in such situations.

Not to mention, if the procedure takes a long time then interest will have to be paid.

If you rent a car for an abroad journey, you should fill up the car’s tank before departure because you may not know where you can find a petrol station in the given country.

If you plan to rent a car for an abroad journey, you should never hesitate to ask for our opinion so that the car you choose be the best solution for you.

There is no worse thing than a spoilt holiday. We have a lot of experience in in-land and abroad car renting so we know hat is the best solution for you.

Car rental at the Airport

You can rent a car for your abroad travel at the airport as well. You can take over and give back to car at the time (24 hours a day) which is the best for you. Of course, you can give back the car anywhere else in Budapest.

Accessories that can go with the rented cars

We can give you the following if you rent a car from us for an abroad journey:

  • child seat,
  • booster cushion,
  • GPS,
  • roof box.

If you rent a car from us we charge NO fee for these accessories because they are included in the rental fee.

You are kindly asked to inform our colleagues if you wish to use any of the above mentioned accessories.

We exclusively rent out clean cars, furthermore, you will never have to clean the car when you return it. This is not at all why you rent a car.

This service is, of course, meant for cars soiled and dusted in normal use.

Car rental in Budapest, for an abroad journey, for you with the best conditions.

Car rental for abroad journeys, from a reliable company, with in-land (Hungary) motorway sticker and full tank.

By clicking here you can see our cars.

If you have any questions in connection with car rental for abroad travels then never hesitate to write or call us. We well try to do our best for you: CAR RENTAL BUDAPEST FOR YOU!